Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shop 'til You Literally Drop

Shopping rocks. I can shop for hours and hours and hours and not get bored. Even when I don't spend money, I can shop for a really long time.

If you're a die-hard shopper like me, I can highly recommend Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) out near Brisbane Airport. I defy anyone to go out there and not find at least one mega bargain. There's something for everyone. Men, women, kids, young and old, label-whores and discount divas. Clothes, shoes, houseware, bedlinen, furnishings, books, toys, accessories, you name it.

I went with a friend yesterday. She was on the hunt for a new wardrobe. We came away with 8 or 9 pieces, and I think the most expensive item was about $60. And we gave up after about 3/4 of the whole place because we were tired and hungry. If we'd have stopped for lunch in the middle, we'd have been able to keep going.

With Christmas on the horizon, and money tight for most people thanks to the economy, it's worth checking out. Just wear comfy walking shoes, take a water bottle and stop for breaks!


Jeff said...

I can't even begin to understand how you can love shopping this much. I don't mind going to the store to pick something up, and I don't mind a concentrated Christmas shopping marathon once a year, but in general, shopping for any extended time is like being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Kath aka Sleepydumpling said...

It's a girl thing Jeff. No-one really expects lads to understand.