Tuesday, March 31, 2009

City Hall as the Light Fades

I really wanted to share this beautiful photo with you all.  It was taken by one of the local Tweeters, @iCharlotte and I really liked it, so I asked her if I could share it here on I  BrisVegas.


Doesn't it have an awesome kind of twilight feel to it?  (I'm not talking about the sparkly Vampires people!)

I love City Hall.  I also love King George Square.  I only wish they hadn't put those ugly 50's style buildings in it that lead down to the new bus station.  It used to be a fantastic open space, there for all to enjoy, but the bus station buildings just chop it up and hide the square.  It's a shame.

Thanks again to Charlotte for this one, if you're interested in seeing more of Charlotte's stuff, she has a Tumblr account HERE.


Aydsman said...

This is a great pic! Congrats to iCharlotte!

The King George Square space will be great once they complete it. I think personally the bus station entrances do a surprisingly good job of keeping low and out of your eyeshot of City Hall. Of course, other's can disagree...

TribeRingers said...

Great photo!

Ruggy13 said...

cute picture! i love it ... it reminds me of some of my wedding pics