Thursday, January 1, 2009

In The Words of Cole Porter...

... It's too darn hot!

The weather bureau was touting 37C here in Brisbane today. I reckon it got that and more. It was 36C in my living room at about lunch time, and I am sure it would have been hotter out in the sun. I hope people looked after themselves with lots of water, sunscreen, shade and sunglasses in this very harsh heat.

I was going to go to a movie, but nothing really appealed to me. Wasn't sure what else I could do to get out of the heat. The local swimming pool would have been chaos, it's New Years Day so no shops are open, and I'm quite sure my friends with air conditioning are getting sick of me already.

What do you do when it gets unbearably hot (and you don't have air-con yourself)? Is there somewhere you escape to? What do you do to entertain yourself and keep yourself cool?


Flibbertigibbet said...

As you've probably heard we're in the middle of a rather cold snap over here and I'm a little envious of the idea of a temperature that doesn't have a minus symbol in front of it.

I do however remember once running a bath with icy water and eating my tea sitting on the edge of it with my feet in the cold water. Whilst not entirely sanitary it really was very pleasant!
Maybe a book would work better than food?!

Kath aka Sleepydumpling said...

Ooh, a cold foot bath might just be the ticket!