Sunday, January 18, 2009

Must... Resist... Temptation...

Yes, the Lifeline Bookfest is on again.  That wonder of wonders here in Brisbane where the Convention Centre is thrown open to the booklovers and bargain hunters of the public, and Lifeline sells off all the books, CD's and DVD's that people donate.

Nine days of absolute TONNES of books being up for sale at bargain prices, from best sellers to classics to the obscure.  Books from yellowed and old and well loved to almost new condition.  Ex library books, books from people having a clean up, or books from deceased estates.  LOTS and LOTS of books.

If you love books, I highly advise that you get yourself there, it is running now until Sunday 25th of January.

I am trying to be good and NOT go to the Lifeline Bookfest.  Because I have literally boxes and boxes of unread books in my spare room, most of them in new condition, and I've told myself that I am only allowed to purchase one book for every one I read out of the To Be Read (TBR) pile.  And no more than that!

God grant me the strength to resist!

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