Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love Libraries?

Do you love libraries?

Then there is an event for you.  Saturday 14th of February is Library Lovers day.  Yes, the same day as Valentine's Day.  It's a movement that's happening around the world.  The Australian website is:

As my contribution to Library Lovers Day, my friend Gina and I are organising a picnic lunch at New Farm Park.  Nothing formal, just a family friendly lunch in a lovely park here in Brisbane, for like minded library lovers to meet and socialise.

It will be from 11am onwards on Saturday 14th of February, bring your own picnic lunch and something to sit on.  Perhaps bring a favourite book or two.  And remember to slip, slop, slap.

If you're interested in coming along, please do, but also please remember this is a family friendly event in a public place.

1 comment:

TribeRingers said...

This sounds like a fantastic day out. I wish I were down there still. It's a great way to see what everyone else is reading.

Good luck with the day!