Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game On!

My friend Kylie B and I went to the Game On exhibit at State Library of Queensland today.  I got a free ticket last year when I went to the SLQ Unconference, and I've just been waiting for the opportunity to go.


Game On is an interactive exhibit on the history of video games.  As their tagline says, "Play your way through the history of video games."

I don't think I've ever had so much fun going to an exhibit in my life.  It's all there, from Pong through to the Nintendo Wii, and you can play about 95% of the consoles, handhelds and arcade machines there.  Kylie and I had so much fun playing with the Wii, I have decided to buy one myself.  I love the idea of a video game that actually requires activity and movement.  We played tennis on it and it really does feel like you're playing tennis.  I think even without anyone to play with, I could have fun in my living room just playing against the console.  But I fully intend to have Wii parties too.


As well as having all the games there for you to play, you can learn about the music of video games, how the stories and plots of the games are thought up (there is an awesome post-it-note storyboard for Grand Theft Auto), the artwork, the merchandising that goes with them and the actual history of the computing that goes into them.

If you are interested even in the slightest in video games I can highly recommend this exhibit to you, but get in quick because you only have until February 15th!


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TribeRingers said...

Ah the more I hear about the Wii, the more I want one.

Would love to send DH to this, he would be in heaven.